Training Opportunities

PTA and the Law offered by Washington State PTA

This is the most important and useful class of them all, as it will prepare you and your fellow officers to run your PTA with an eye toward the important legal and fiscal requirements in running a nonprofit. PTA and the Law deals with state and federal rules and regulations relevant to running a charitable, tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation in the state of Washington and will explain how these rules impact your PTA. PTA and the Law is a required class for at least one PTA officer each year.

Visit the WSPTA calendar for upcoming classes.

Effective Budgets & Financial Strategies offered by Washington State PTA

Building a goal-based budget is key to the success of PTAs. Learn how to assess your PTA’s financial management practices and how to develop and amend budgets. Topics discussed in this class are not covered in the class “Managing Your Nonprofit PTA: The Financial Responsibilities of Board Members.”

Visit the WSPTA calendar for upcoming classes.

2023 Virtual National PTA Convention

June 20-24, 2023

Information coming soon!

Parents' Guide to Student Success created by National PTA

The Parents’ Guides to Student Success were developed by teachers, parents and education experts.

Created for grades K-8 and high school English, language arts/literacy and mathematics, the guides provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career